Reference One

Reference One

The Davone model leaves no room for compromise. Through precise engineering at every stage, we’ve fashioned a loudspeaker that unveils the complete tonal range of even the most intricate music. It delivers a clean, unadulterated, and unhindered sound, laying bare the subtleties within the music while retaining its composed and controlled demeanor.

Reference One
Reference One

Beyond Beryllium

Beryllium’s exceptional rigidity makes it an ideal tweeter dome material for clean, precise sound even at high volumes when applied correctly. Our narrow surround minimizes coloration, and with a low mass and high magnetic flux density, we maximize performance. A dedicated crossover reduces distortion, and a rounded baffle ensures wide off-axis response for an open sound.

A Metamodal Membrane

Oxeon, a Swedish company, developed Textreme, a flat unidirectional fiber tape that creates a lightweight and stiff weave. This unique material eliminates edge resonance, typically around 1-2 kHz, and optimizes thickness and stiffness for controlled resonant behavior, resulting in a metamodal membrane. This membrane enables a higher crossover point between the midrange and tweeter, delivering a resonant-free, clean, neutral, and fast sound for mid range loudspeakers.

Reference One
Reference One

Quick and Robust

Not your ordinary 10″ woofer. It’s specifically engineered for significant deflection with minimal energy retention, delivering power, speed, and detail. Its robust double magnet and cast aluminum chassis are designed for optimal airflow and ventilation to minimize energy storage, aided by a vented voice coil and low damping rubber surround. With a generous surround and extended voice coil, it achieves a substantial 22mm mechanical deflection, managed by a specially designed spider. Its 3″ voice coil provides ample cooling for high-current operation.

The Sonic Hue

The Reference One utilizes a Beryllium tweeter and Textreme Carbon mid range that provide a balanced, detailed sound without excessive coloration, ensuring the faithful reproduction of complex musical compositions.

Reference One

Thorough Structural Support

As the speakers vibrate, they impart vibrations to the cabinet. These cabinet vibrations, slightly delayed relative to the music, can lead to a loss of clarity, especially in the lower midrange frequencies. Our cabinets are constructed from 25mm thick form-pressed wood, and their curved shape, along with a high-pressure, high-temperature bending process, enhances their rigidity. Furthermore, we reinforce the interior using strategically placed bracing made of 18 and 22mm thick plywood.

Reference One

Internal Acoustics

To prevent internal resonances, the Reference One features chamfered baffle edges, two Helmholtz absorbers for cabinet and port resonance, and a strategically placed bass reflex port. It also includes a top opening to address room resonance and a corner-less bass port design for linear output, even at high volumes.


Frequency response

29 – 30.000 Hz, -3dB


4 ohm, 3.4 ohm minimum at 26Hz, above 4 ohm from 37Hz


87 dB/2,83V/m

Recommended Amplifer

100 watt or more


10” Hard paper cone, 3″ diameter, long throw voice coil, limiting spider

Mid range Driver

4,5″ Multimodal Textreme membrane with distributed low energy breakup modes


Flush mount 1″ Beryllium with extremely light 0.1g dome and a first breakup mode above 40kHz


Upwards directed bass reflex with a linear, oversized and damped port

Cabinet Construction

25mm form pressed plywood with extensive bracing and tuned absorbers


42 kg / piece

Height / Width / Depth

97 / 47 / 37 cm


Paul Schenkel

Leather finish options
Reference One
Soft white leather, Quarter cut walnut veneer
Reference One
Black leather, Quarter cut walnut veneer
Reference One

The Final Touch

Crafting a loudspeaker of this excellence demands a top-quality finish that mirrors its exceptional sound. We’ve chosen quarter-cut walnut veneer, genuine European leather, a tasteful grille for the bass reflex port, subtle Davone spikes, and meticulous craftsmanship throughout. All materials were selected for their durability and timeless appeal, promising years of enjoyment.

Reference One