A one-of-a-kind exercise bike, crafted entirely from crystal.

Ciclotte Teckell combines Italian design excellence and a passion for innovation, resulting in a groundbreaking exercise bike that introduces the elegance of crystal to its iconic design.

Ciclotte Teckell

Transparency revolutionizes fitness equipment design, marking Ciclotte's uniqueness.

Designed with precision following an ergonomic study, this exercise bike features a turn multiplier system, providing a road-like pedaling experience for intense training sessions.

Equipped with 4.0 functionality, this exercise bike offers seamless Bluetooth connectivity to various devices, enhancing your workout experience.

The dedicated kit includes support for smartphones and tablets, along with an electronic chip, enabling seamless mobile device integration. This opens up a world of entertainment options such as videos, music, and access to the Kinomap simulator via the app.

Ciclotte Teckell

Kinomap lets you track workouts, compete with friends, and explore global routes.

A stylish decor item that effortlessly blends with contemporary furnishings in spaces shared for living, work, and exercise.

It’s a sculptural addition that doesn’t compromise functionality, providing ergonomic workouts through advanced mechanics.

Ciclotte Teckell is the ideal choice for private home gyms, office spaces, hotel fitness centers, and luxury yacht fitness areas.

It’s a treat for both your body and your eyes.


The special support of this extremely modern design exercise bike, allows integration with smartphones and tablets, offering a wide range of possibilities for entertainment during the workouts. Beginning from watching your own movies and music till the simulation of routes on trails and roads, thanks to a dedicated App that can provide useful information on the speed and distance travelled.