TRD Bespoke Electric Fireplace

  • New Concept Combining Flame, Quality, and Sound. A Fireplace with Sound!
  • Install Options Fully recessed or Wall Mounted
  • Speaker and Sound – quality audio delivering a crackling fire sound. Sampled from real fires.
  • Remote control For flame and heater
  • Warranty – 5 Warranty
  • Flame Styles – Two Flame Patterns – Standard and Realistic Flame. Conveniently adjust the flame height and speed using the intuitive remote
  • Intuitive Remote (included) – Colorful Intuitive remote to adjust the flames, temperature, or timer. Patented Thermostatic remote. Can be set, adjusted, and programmed for your fireplace to turn on when you want and at the temperature you want
  • Flame Presentation – State of the art flame presentation: Vibrant, multi-colored state of the art flame presentation – change from Yellow to Orange to Red with just a click of the remote.
  • WiFi App – For complete control from any room. Set the fireplace to turn on before arriving home, or have it turn on automatically when the weather is cold. Customization possibilities are endless.
  • BESPOKE fireplaces are rated for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Size: TRD Bespoke 33″, TRD Bespoke 38″

TRD-BESPOKE Electric Fireplace - Where Ambiance Takes Center Stage

The Traditional Bespoke Indoor/Outdoor Electric Insert represents a modern take on the classic fireplace, prioritizing exceptional design, advanced features, and quality. It offers a range of flame colors and effects through cutting-edge technology, complemented by the included log set for a lifelike appearance. With a potent heater capable of warming up to 400 square feet and concealed upper vents for a sleek look, this fireplace delivers both comfort and ambiance, making it ideal for year-round enjoyment.

Exquisite Flame Rendering

Experience an exquisite, dynamic flame display that effortlessly shifts from yellow to red with a simple remote click, offering endless captivating combinations.

Ambient Canopy Illumination

Elevate your media experience with the captivating allure of ambient canopy illumination, crafting a truly one-of-a-kind visual spectacle with a spectrum of 13 vibrant hues.